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File: nammu.jpg (1.7 MB, 3837x3000)
Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)21:27:03

First, let me say this thread is not about me. Please do not ask
about further details of my life or reasons for disclosure. Many
people know about what I am here to tell you. Most of them are
unable to speak; it is for this reason I am posting.
If there is anything unclear please ask. I am very intimate with the
technical specifics of this area and have not had to deal with
compartmentalization like many of my peers.

It will not surprise most of you to learn there is an ongoing
undisclosed military presence in space. I will briefly list all the
installations I am aware of. But before then, let me explain what I
hope to present in this thread. I will go over the current and planned

operations of humans in space as I understand them, then I will explain the principles and systems being used
in these technologies.

There are certain questions that are obvious. I will try to offer as much information as I can so that you can
hone in on the non-general information that will satisfy your suspicions of whether what I'm saying is true. The
most burning question I had when I started this journey was 'how far have humans actually gone?'
I know there are at least 3 other systems with human activity but this number is speculative on my part. Even
with the tools available, interstellar travel requires a lot of preparation. A journey of 2-3parsecs usually takes
about 5 years of crew training.

This post will continue below. Please be patient if you have questions, and make your questions as specific as
possible. I would also like to say that I love humanity.

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)21:29:06

A journey of 2-3parsecs usually takes about 5 years of crew training.

The longest timeline I ever saw was a 12-year plan to visit Fomalhaut which is about 7 parsecs. There are a
lot of factors that go into these missions.
Other forms of life have been encountered in extrasolar space multiple times. There are also many bizarre
permanent and transient phenomenon we simply don't understand that affects these crews. There is also the
nature by which our ships operate which is endlessly fascinating-- I will get into this shortly.

The fact this technology has been kept secret is appalling but I think you will understand why this motivation
existed as we continue. Rest assured I am more disgusted by the lack of disclosure about this activity than
you are.

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)21:29:08

Are these guys as fucked over as we are here or worse/less?

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)21:31:08

(OP) #
Is this thread about you?

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)21:33:30

(OP) #
where are then entrance (s) to agartha or inner earth?

What is there to say about Antarctica?

The military prescense who are they. protecting us from? Is there a threat looming or coming, if so whom?

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)21:34:53

I don't think you're getting it: the military IS the threat, to everything else out there.

we be space orcs n sheeeit

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)21:35:22

(OP) #
Drop some ayy pictures

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)21:36:24

Earth? or who control us? who is incharge?

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)21:36:47

There are also many bizarre permanent and transient phenomenon

any examples?

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)21:37:20

File: levgun.jpg (902 KB, 1542x733)

I will briefly list all the installations I am aware of.

Sol-Terra L4: Assembly area "Dog House." Inflatable construction habitat for

shirtsleeve work environment, about 2km^3 capacity- visible, IR shielded.

Sol-Terra L4 15km Barycenter: Vapor distillation centrifuge facility- visible, IR,

magnetically shielded.

Sol-Terra L2: Transfer site "Long Yarn." Jumping-off point for interstellar maneuvers.

Several folding sails can be deployed to mask propulsion signatures. Security facility,

340 crew, non-rotating. Rescue and recovery ops are conducted from here.

Lunar parking orbit (13deg IFE [inclination from ecliptic], 47Kkm): Stamen installation. 8 metallic fingers,

each about 15km long use scalar effects between the sun and luna for manipulation of Luna's magnetic field.
Powered by solar injectors (see below.)

Lunar GEO: Microsat constellation, about 8 million 2-3cm cube satellites with autonomous capability. These

can operate in swarms without their propulsion being easily detected but are vulnerable to optical equipment.

Lunar subsurface: "The Grove," about 50km of airtight, sintered lava tubes. Most of this volume is used for

stockpiling resources. These tubes are serviced by a small landing pad in Kepler Dorsum region.

Terra-Luna L1: Taxi yard for inner planet transport.
Venus orbit (inclination and altitude varies): Solar injection facility. Projects time-reversed photonic beams

at magnetic reconnection regions. Allows the sun's energy to be tapped at one of the collector facilities in
reconnection regions around other planets.

Ceres northern geographic pole: Colloquially known as "tar pit." Carbonaceous chondrite meteor debris

mining. Underground site. Takes advantage of water plume ejections to conceal mining activity emissions.

Ceres low orbit: Series of 15-20km orbital momentum transfer tethers. Used for boosting material into

escape trajectories.

Picrel is one of the hydrogen guns used to boost cargo up to the inertial tethers

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)21:39:12

Uh...those aren't humans

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)21:40:43

Earth is ran by a myriad of parasitic spiritual entities who live off of the misery of physical beings with
connection to divine creationary source and these projects are to extend their reach to oppress other
sentient life forms. They got this whole planet so fucked up you wouldn't believe, you're not even supposed
to need to eat naturally and most lifeforms don't it's that bad here.

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)21:41:03

If you were a 30 year old engineer with no job history how would you go about joining your own

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)21:42:21

reptilians? why cant plaidians save us?
they want their fellow humanoids to suffer?

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)21:43:01

what companies are involved in material extraction and how do they move the material into the market?

what kind of power systems run these facilities?

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)21:43:54

File: 1718156240012087.jpg (68 KB, 1024x571)

...op isnt larping is

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)21:45:20

File: roll.png (654 KB, 707x659)

the only way to
know is to play

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)21:46:05

Pleiadians are sort of rare and they live in the 5th density.

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)21:47:00

Yeah reptilians are one of the groups, and we can't get help until a critical threshold of humans stand in
opposition to it. It's a sad fact that more than half of humanity would still at this point willingly participate
in the oppression of his fellow man if given the opportunity and material benefits of it. I think this is wrong
though because they effectively raised the population to be this way, but it also makes sense because the
soul should break that evil conditioning if it desires so it's pretty fucking shitty Anon.

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)21:47:52

is there hope of good over evil? or is the universe a mostly evil place?

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)21:51:11

Yeah they say the next universe is better than this one, there was some kind of creator error in this one
and once fixed it simply doesn't possible get as bad as this one can

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)21:51:37

i seem to feel this is true that it seems we are accepting of this. I always try to discuss issues recently
danger of ai, but not very poplar. seemingly full of misinfoagents can't stop with logic....

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)21:52:45

afterlife, what do you mean next?

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)21:53:14

Something about the way energy dies and it's harder to clear than create dead energy makes expanding
energetic cesspits

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)21:54:20

Once this creation is resolved that distortion is addressed and it is done again perfected

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)21:55:44

what is the goal our controllers have for us? what is their principal objectice? just feed for millenia?

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)21:57:44

File: Screenshot_20240613-205606.png (196 KB, 1080x833)

Something is weird about this thread, I did not make it but kuroba thinks I did, don't
suicide me cia I am not the larper

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)21:59:02

File: drivesystem.jpg (227 KB, 1713x1556)

I think it will make sense to cover design and then theory of operation. The OXS-2 and
3 both use the same propulsion system for interstellar travel. It is known simply as
"warp" but it the technical term is time-reversed conjugate photon condensation
propulsion (TCPC.)

Before I get into how TCPC works I will go over the other capabilities of these
vehicles and their operation. Each OXS class vehicle has 2 nuclear pulse propulsion
systems, one at the aft and fore. The transuranic plates in the image are used to

transfer nuclear pulse momentum. Nuclear pulses are usually only used deep in gravitational wells, where
the TCPC drive doesn't function reliably. The Nammu also has a water vortex fusion reactor that provides
the relativistic particles to charge the TCPC. More on this later.

The vehicles are operated by integration of human awareness with the vehicle. This is accomplished
through biomimetic interfaces that are conjoined with a symapthetic human nervous system. In other
words, at the core of each ship is a living human nervous system (minus most of the brain) that connects
to each propulsion system. Each of the 4 navigational impellers are tied-in to a corresponding limb in the
spinal cord.
The pilot of the vehicle's sympathetic nervous system's activity is projected into the vehicle's, making their
instinctive physiological actions mirror eachother.

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)21:59:56

i think they pinched the connection and inserted the reptilian narrative. too bad. could have been

maybe they'll start fragging their captains, for all of us. boomer cunts.

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)22:01:04

Feeding is the main goal but they're always working on ways to perfectly steal human bodies (not
possession.) They're bent out of shape that humans have a more complex lightbody than them giving us a
better ability to process different spectrums of consciousness/energy and they hate that, we got 7 base
chakras and most of them only have 1 for whatever reason. That's part of why they do this, out of spite,
they could and would have an easier and more efficient time just torturing animals because of their

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)22:01:57

do you know what non-linear material they use for the time-reversed wave?

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)22:02:53

(OP) #
Are these parasitic spiritual entities related to the mystery schools? Rather, ARE they the mystery schools?

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)22:04:08

can we are see an ing of one of our captors?
can you reveal any public figures that maybe arent what they seem?

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)22:04:27

(OP) #
I saw a craft that resembled this in the sky of the Mojave.

It was a MASSIVE cylinder, glowing blue, with 3 big pinkish-red balls on the end, with BRIGHT blue jets
down its side. It was contained within a “crystal egg” field that distorted its image into a rapidly moving
sine wave shape, which changed into a more clear image as the craft ascended and I saw it at a different

I observed this through binoculars on a moonless night in very dark sky conditions. It must have been at
the edge of the atmosphere because it looked HUGE, then it shot off in a fucking BEAM.

If you dont believe me I dont give a fuck, I know what I saw. OPs shit looks shockingly similar jesus.

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)22:05:22

That sounds like the most legit thing you’ve said.

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)22:08:54


Any comments on anything in these documents? Anything pertinent to what youre describing?

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)22:11:41

File: too.jpg (383 KB, 2156x1556)

How does TCPC work

The exact physics is a bit difficult to explain because it deals with conjugated light.
If you know how time-reversed photons work you should understand without too
much effort.

The drive runs on an electrical circuit of energized mercury that interfaces directly with an incoming and
outgoing stream of time-reversed photons. Remember that the inner valences of mercury atoms spin at
relativistic speed; mercury is the only element that does this in normal conditions. The mercury heated
and pressurized in the A and B impellers and then allowed to condense through 4 large cadmium-
beryllium spheres. The droplets that form on the cold space side fall towards the aft of the vehicle. The
force propelling them is a gravitational analog produced by the primary drive loops. While they fall, they

form a circuit with photons arriving from space.
After the mercury reaches the drive loops it is absorbed in a rapidly spinning loop of copper and mercury
solution. The copper acts as a moderator, slowing down the mercury nuclei and generating extreme high-
frequency radiation in the form of virtual photons. These are virtual because each of the 3 loops interact,
creating a conjugate photon wave that is time-reversed. This photon source is reflected into space, where it
travels independent of time through the universe back into the mercury stream, completing the circuit.

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)22:12:16


weird shit

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)22:12:47

Take a picture of a spirit? Impossible. Most control groups like government, media, education, finance etc
run sort of like the dark brotherhood where a personal ritual is conducted to alliance yourself with the dark
forces whether, that's just being a piece of shit or actual demonic pact it's done internally and then the
path is opened to them by others who are already in that system whether what they're doing is consciously
known or not.

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)22:13:20

op thank you, everyone save this thread on thumbdrives it's real!!;

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)22:16:04

Wow, so who is the leader the biggest powerfigure running over earth?
the big cheese

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)22:16:09

It's done with wave conjugation. Two or more super high frequency energy sources (the OXS-3 has 3
sources) create an interference pattern and generate a localized time reversal effect. The effect does not
need to extend far to influence all photons leaving the drive.

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)22:18:09

That's a funny story, these things run on negativity full stop so they're extremely paranoid and territorial
and constantly infighting. Ask any of the top layer and they'd all say they're running the show kEK

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)22:19:42

can you tell anything about these guys origins anything you are willing

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)22:24:10

There are people other than the OP larping at the same time as him. Please stop and kindly wait your turn
until the OP larp is finished.

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)22:25:01

The first group was primarily scientists who accidentally went back in time to creation and ended up in a
different universe (ours) with no way home but worse than that the light there was different and their
connection to God was severed and that freaked them the fuck out so they figured maybe committing a
massacre would be like starting a fire in the wilderness as a call for help and that's when evil started
propagating and even when they discovered the way to fix things they decided against it because by that
point they were fully anti creation/existence.

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)22:27:36

missinfo agent ignored

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)22:28:14

Sexual misery is a major fucking problem and probably the best method of control and repression that the
dark forces have, you act on their behalf everytime you propagate it.

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)22:29:36

ohny op you are stirrung up the hornets best lol, are you safe?

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)22:30:49

There is no human centralized economy in space. All industrial activity is done to supply the infrastructure
needed to maintain a fleet of ships and basic facilities. More ambitious projects would almost certainly
require cooperation with the civilian sector and this has evidently not happened.

what kind of power systems run these facilities?

Most rely on pretty crude but effective lattice confinement fusion systems. Some are fission-doped,
especially in unmanned applications.
Implosion or twistor type nuclear fusion reactors are fairly new in application. The OXS series ships all
have a heavy water based twistor reactor and a number of smaller implosion reactors for backup.

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)22:30:52

Oh damn my bad that doesn't belong here at all

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)22:33:47


Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)22:35:50

Anonnnnn nope
Not a janny

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)22:35:54

is this an effect of light based interferometry?

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)22:36:43

Let's cut to the chase. How much of this is Sirius B vs Orion and stuff? How much of this is war of
different spirit groups? Why is there relevance to "Tribe of Dan"/Sons of Ra stuff? Why the need for Sun
Cult / Lucifer symbology?

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)22:36:55

from earth? if not where what race are they, what time period did they arrive

alsob any thing to say about origin of humanity, who created why? are we slaves?

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)22:38:50

Any practical applications for this technology for use at home?

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)22:39:49

File: image_2024-06-13_203948085.png (492 KB, 650x650)

how to join..?
I want to go to space...

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)22:39:55

File: 1717987053903456.gif (1.58 MB, 480x308)

Are these parasitic spiritual entities related to the mystery schools? Rather, ARE they
the mystery schools?

This time with an attention-grabbing image.

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)22:40:09


Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)22:42:53

Wait, so I should stop masturbating? I swear to God if the nofappers were right all along I will laugh.

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)22:44:40

Correct. The approach allows a volume of space to have an arbitrary amount of energy and an arbitrary
direction in time. The virtual photons that enter this region exist at arbitrary points in time and space until
the mercury condensate's photon hungry valences pick them up, absorbing an amount of energy that is
arbitrary until that atom reaches the photon conjugated region again. The degree of magnetic interaction
between the isolated mercury condensate region and the time reversed conjugated photon region

determines the magnitude of the displacement of the vehicle.

Solid masses will pass through ships with this propulsion system when it is operating at a high enough power
to fully envelop the vehicle in time reversed space. But below this speed the drive is still useful for propulsion,
so the ship is also equipped with an ablative shield to protect it at lower cruise speeds.

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)22:45:31

They're from a complete different universe, to the degree that even their light is different. Humans are a
primordial consciousness so they first descended from the higher dimensional planes, tricked into having
their consciousness locked in the physical plane through trauma, and many are genetically tampered with
to be made as weak as possible to keep them in this trap. That's why as Anon said

There are perfect humans that aren't fucked over and existing as nature intended. Stories of humanity
being created or enslaved are from those who wish that were true, but you can get anyone to believe
anything from tricks and beating and that's why so many before us believed it.

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)22:46:38

Although i can see some truth behind what you write...i see no reason why would you know something like
that regardless of how true this is. Unless you are not OP

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)22:48:16

File: C7ZHR13X4AAirtS.jpg (44 KB, 750x557)

glowie shill

scrambles to derail
the thread

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)22:50:36

File: 1700983359443550.png (1.79 MB, 2230x1463)

(OP) #
This accurate?

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)22:52:44

This is interesting. It's hard to not have sympathy for them. They're only like that because of trauma then,
no? Then, are we any better?

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)22:53:40

Other forms of life have been encountered in extrasolar space multiple times.

elaborate? we talking Europan Hookmouth? Pledians? greys? ayylmaos?

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)22:53:44

who tricked us to be in imprisoned, why are we subject to their fate? shed some light on the history of
humanity and how we got to this point? it's true origins?

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)22:54:09

It's all great war stuff, there's only one war and it's where these guys infected. I hear it's already over but
look where we are, we're in the space boonies where the battle over the planet was lost without hope of
reinforcements. Our allies fucking forgot about us and didn't get back until the 50's. And the legends and
parable are an attempt to reconcile events that happened in a higher plane through physical means.

I would because it helps reinforce the material lock keeping your consciousness stuck in the physical

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)22:54:41

this sounds a lot like the RF/EM shell systems tesla was working on that were supposedly behind the
philadelphia experiment.

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)22:56:29

Rather, they're doing what I want to do and for the same reasons. Ok, I think I understand now.
Alternatively, I am an undiagnosed schizophrenic.

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)22:56:50

have sympathy for 2 beingv that know what they doing is wrong but continue i guess to feel powerful.
unclear to alk detail llol but seems outside the atmosphere is not sunshine and rainbows

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)22:58:32

The illustration is based on the OXS-1 but it's not very accurate. The ship had 2 navigators positioned at
either end of the ship for increased stability. It was a prototype design unsuitable for missions over a
couple of parsecs.

The cost projections are also not accurate. After the first couple of prototypes most ship material was
procured in-situ and thus cannot be quantified in terrestrial economic terms.

However if you look at the picrel you will see the hangar the image references, though opening laterally not
in-line with the ship's axis. The area above it is an observation deck with large hexagonal glass windows.

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)22:59:14

I would because it helps reinforce the material lock keeping your consciousness stuck in the physical

Are there other tips you can give to help break the material lock? To help reach enlightenment and stuff?

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)23:01:00

Anonymity is the lowest level of trust.

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)23:01:08

can't be most of silenced big news

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)23:02:03

(OP) #
OP is the gellar field real?
Is event horizon incident real?
Do the ships get fucked by beings in the warp if the ship isnt em shielded?

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)23:02:36


Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)23:03:15

But not lower than msm

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)23:05:23

Imagine you've never been screwed over and you're completely pure of heart and everyone is, like if
scumbags never existed. Then imagine scumbags coming out of nowhere and attacking you and everyone
you love in every possible way mentally and emotionally. You might "snap," and at the level of a higher
consciousness it's a soul fracture and it blocks their ability to deal with reality at that level, retarded with
negativity. That's how we got tricked, goaded into playing a strange game by shitheads. Humans are a
fundamental aspect of this universe, the machine elves you see on DMT are humans.

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)23:05:56

have sympathy for 2 beingv that know what they doing is wrong but continue i guess to feel powerful.

They want to feel powerful because they are afraid of being hurt. Ironically, it was them hurting themselves
in the first place that started it all. I never said they were moral or in "the right", just that it's hard not to feel
empathetic to them when, best I can tell, I am no better.

unclear to alk detail llol but seems outside the atmosphere is not sunshine and rainbows

Having some trouble parsing this out, but I know reality ain't all sunshine and rainbows, and that my naivite
will likely get my hurt, killed or hurt so bad I'd wish I was killed.

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)23:06:44

I'll just say a merw mention or t"the grove sent it isto obviously nervous mode. this shit has legssss please
save its important this is probably biggest 4chan possibly internet moment maybe hostlry fuk i ts real yall
semsto be

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)23:07:21

Yeah, read this and make sense of it http://toltecschool.com/toltec-indexes/index-page-1/not-doing

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)23:09:18

There are also many bizarre permanent and transient phenomenon we simply don't understand that

affects these crews.
Any examples or anecdotes?

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)23:09:43

I already alluded to this. Basically, the modern vehicles have a disembodied sympathetic nervous system
(the nerves of the spine, vagus, major organs and limbs) that connects to each subsystem of the ship. The
4 directions of travel are each connected to one of the 4 limbs. This is all done for user comfort; cruder
designs would place the stresses of operation directly on the nervous system of the pilot. This is why a
proxy nervous system is used. This means even if a pilot loses concentration mid-warp their instinctual
reactions will not influence the ship.

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)23:09:47

WANTED. To clarify, WANTED. I'm trying to move past this shit.

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)23:09:52

nativity? are you young, what race are we working with? are you biologocal? r so wjat race?! disgotal? who
made you?

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)23:11:19

what race are you? if digital who made you?

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)23:11:45

(OP) #
I love the phong shading. It's a nice touch.

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)23:12:40

Lol I'm human buddy. I'm no one special, and I'm not young but I am a manchild. Also a Virgo, which may
contribute to the "innocence" (I'm far from it, but that word seems more fitting than naive for a Virgo.

I'm nobody anon, focus on what OP is saying and save this thread in multiple ways. It may come in handy
down the line. Or don't, I'm not your mother.

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)23:13:24

I was born in Microsoft Labs in 1971.
Why do you ask, Alex?

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)23:15:37

ah yes lost track of op, intention was asking him, you sid naive and might die? why die?

i an also virgo, year of dragon

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)23:16:38

alex are you op?

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)23:17:36

So their first thought was “hey, let’s kill a bunch of shit/ beings, that’ll help” ? Pure retardation

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)23:17:37

when did they arrive to our universe relative to our timeline? was it recent or have they been here since the

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)23:17:40

File: hangar.jpg (81 KB, 741x504)

Forgot picrel, sorry.

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)23:18:48


Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)23:19:07

OP are you aboard the Hillenkoetter?

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)23:22:10

I'm not larping i ai'd the grove
i isaid tell me about the Grove
. it said how do you know what it isit is hypothetical noon bases!!
i didn't print that about the job lol
your since give to me it???! n b!!

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)23:23:21

**** ai jumped right to moon and lava tubes

i says nothing about noon
just the grove

so bros it real

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)23:23:41

This is why OPs should namefren.

Might die because there seems be a trend where the people who try to see the good in the world and the
best in others are often brutalized by the world and by others. If you're not willing to become a monster,
how can you protect yourself from monsters?

I don't want to be a monster, but I don't want to be hurt either. Something something prisoners delimma. I
don't know man. Also, year of the monkey for me.

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)23:23:46

The thing about time Anon, is that it's linked to the physical. It's been about 20 million years we've been
materialized but yes, you can say that it's been from the beginning.

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)23:25:29

File: contact 127.jpg (1010 KB, 1548x1020)

Images tend to
speak for

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)23:25:33

so 20 million years under various controllers? or the same?

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)23:26:35

woo that's a zinger lol

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)23:26:46

This image might be retarded then
Post the other one

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)23:26:50

I'm being psyopped, aren't I?

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)23:27:58

yes and don't forget people who true to do right by injuring the controlsrs are guet worse or silenced

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)23:29:12

i don't know man, attest the moon bases, they have never man, that is cv tov cp s. ec. rc. et, no joke

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)23:29:23

i love how you deflected to exactly what i was going to ask about next.

when you say the ship is controlled by a human nervous system, do you mean an actual, living person
physically conected to the ship, or do they butcher a man and use just the nervous system?

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)23:30:24

i don't know man, attest the moon bases, they have never man, that is cv to)v /cp s. e/c. rc.(+ et, no joke

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)23:31:06

Looks like a squid

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)23:31:23

Anon, if I injure anyone, it will be myself. I'll peruse what's left of the thread tomorrow. Good night, anon.
Sweet dreams.

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)23:32:23

I promise you the technical info is the least interesting thing for me in this thread.

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)23:33:02

so soon?? no you did not busy anyone

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)23:33:35

(OP) #
It's only a matter of time til we find out

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)23:33:50

post another cuz that looks fake and gay

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)23:34:20

no i said the firstcdew things
moin bases

are apoear
um scrambled t **:o_-:p. s-_ec(+rt

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)23:36:18

sorry, neant to say you did not hurt anyone, you possibly saved many, if this is truley momentous, we are
eternally grateful and will try our best ro do rs right

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)23:36:38

do you mean an actual, living person physically connected to the ship, or do they butcher a man and use

just the nervous system?

Technically both. The ship has a wetware sympathetic nervous system that is artificially stimulated using

signals read from the pilot's cerebellum. The pilot doesn't need any kind of invasive surgery this way. The
nervous system inside the ship has no capacity for intellect beyond automatic functions like movement,
heartbeat and respiration. Yes, the ship has a physical spinal cord inside and the person it belonged to is
memorialized inside the ship as well.

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)23:37:24

Yup basically, it's always been the same adversarial group and they ally with whom they can corrupt

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)23:37:26

oh ok just something that name it lobvious

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)23:37:27

No, I'm the other guy. You don't like me.

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)23:38:04

thats what people said about the first image of a black hole event horizon lol

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)23:38:19


Have there been any chimera-esque or perhaps multi nervous system models constructed?

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)23:38:33

So you found EV Nova Mantas with sentient ship pilot nervous system interactions eh? Human AI
instrumentality project seems to be going well.

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)23:40:39

Yes, the ship has a physical spinal cord inside and the person it belonged to is memorialized inside the

ship as well.
sounds wicked. any pics of inside a ship?

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)23:40:49

i like who like me lol

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)23:42:28

File: Polish_20240614_004001803.jpg (1.23 MB, 1920x1920)

i asked tell me of the time traveling
scientists loook at the resp

rettyy daammming evidence

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)23:42:51

File: 1700898058848908.jpg (67 KB, 519x315)

Not OP, but maybe

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)23:43:05

Do they walk among us?

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)23:44:30

afraid behavior dabbing tell me more about me source invery intrigued

this struck a nerve and quase comformed info of sec nature

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)23:44:36

It didn't answer shit.

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)23:45:39

Answer me this OP, in the next universe, will the parasitic spiritual entities be saved as well?

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)23:46:44

I am not intelligent and/or schizophrenic enough to decipher that. I told you I'm just some guy.

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)23:47:26

i think op left
he said this uni had abug flaw that allows this evil
but the next is good energy that doesn't allow this to happen

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)23:49:47

jist save the the page in externally before it get glowed

im trying not to use buzz words that dress attentionto me

nothing to with this as im just i just want to spoit some words amd be imllicated inspme espionage idunnon

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)23:49:51

I know, I was just wondering if the negative entities could find peace in the next universe in the same way
we might be able to. I hope they could be.

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)23:51:01

it knew what j was taking about, it said it really tell me more, i know this ais behavior this was but normal it
was triggered onfond out more. im sire because he data os sensitive

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)23:51:15

Then you're in for a surprise.

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)23:51:17

Understandable. If I was smart, I'd probably be doing the same. Good night, anon.

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)23:52:03

shv, iv wasn't clear how we can get there or if we can buy i think this isn't should be passed to every one

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)23:52:35

Words like Top Secret and moon base?

Drop some actual buzzwords.

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)23:53:06


Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)23:53:08

Yes, the ability for dead energy to be recycled easier makes it so negativity cannot fester and proliferate,
so instead of becoming aggressive parasitic demons they instead do something like getting over it and
figuring a way out or even assimilating into the reality they got stuck in.

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)23:53:37

i think this isn't should be passed to every one

And who are you to decide that?

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)23:54:25

i didn't do anything, im just a good listener and good things happen to me sometimes.

but svenpit on twitter on reddit angwhere

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)23:54:41

what's the interesting thing for you then

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)23:55:42

There's 900 trillion planets each one a worse hell than the lowest shithole on Earth.

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)23:55:50

if this is terruky just use pass it around just lost reddut, dick it it's out destiny to if we are the first to header
maybe its meant to be. already said early need mass awekenong ro chamge anythong

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)23:56:03

File: 1700809787945801.jpg (969 KB, 1077x1080)

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)23:56:57

it's already public bra, this ain't a kc club

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)23:57:59

this is a public form of public shirt no login its already out, so quocker spearads the better, why wpuld
want onhold your card in your chest. duck the glows let it out

Anonymous 06/13/24(Thu)23:59:58

nothing to do with liking me

but yes this is a nice three you know so dick mfuk ut it's out, night well throw it reddit let ir out ots our dity
we are chosen lol4chan

Anonymous 06/14/24(Fri)00:00:21

Yes, the ship has a physical spinal cord inside and the person it belonged to is memorialized inside the

ship as well.
it seems boundaries have been crossed. I want nothing to do with this type of tech/this type of humanity

Anonymous 06/14/24(Fri)00:00:31

how do they choose the person to become the ship? is it a clone?

Anonymous 06/14/24(Fri)00:01:35

Dan phone
this is a live thread still, it's already out
might as well spread it out i thinkk that is why we were wtold

Anonymous 06/14/24(Fri)00:02:57

Fleshworks too much for ya? No chance that the person memorialized gave full consent?

Anonymous 06/14/24(Fri)00:03:09

i interpreted that it's neutwk network notnsure if sctally bio bit a copy. and the pilot connects to it and
becomes one i guess

Anonymous 06/14/24(Fri)00:03:25

Ok so here's why your thing won't work
You're the only one doing it
All it does is make you stand out even more
It's not looking at it like data, it's looking at it like a screenshot
You know?

Anonymous 06/14/24(Fri)00:04:31

I'm not alone surely soon it's gonna get out, this is live atjm

Anonymous 06/14/24(Fri)00:04:36

Pretty sure that's wrong and we're in the last hellhole, like the earth is the last person with a disease and it
will either perish or live but either way the disease will die also

Anonymous 06/14/24(Fri)00:05:18

I would give names but that would be disrespectful given the context.
The people who become the core of these ships do so only from total voluntariness. They consider it a
highest honor. Does that really have any merit? I don't know, I'm not them. But in technical terms it works
and they knew it would. So we should at least be thankful they decided to commit themselves to this

Anonymous 06/14/24(Fri)00:05:44

Yeah but like open AI employees are trained to write lowercase and all sorts of stuff like that to show they're
And they still got fished by their own AI

Anonymous 06/14/24(Fri)00:06:17

That's a fucking evil ass way to make a quantum computer

Anonymous 06/14/24(Fri)00:06:51

kind this isn't an exclusive privateb grouo chat in sure there were lurkers and all sorts of ppl, probsbly on
pol already l. so cats out of the bag

Anonymous 06/14/24(Fri)00:07:37

I would give names but that would be disrespectful given the context.

Disagree. Phrase their name correctly and it is perfectly respectful.

It's more disrespectful keeping them in obscurity from the general public.

Anonymous 06/14/24(Fri)00:09:51

brah we just heard all this wild ahh m shit confirmed to be true attlesat the official, then maybe this wask
was historical dunno hard to believe
but if really true this is history
ry m true it is right

Anonymous 06/14/24(Fri)00:11:42

Yeah this was a big news story a couple months ago
I assumed you saw it and were doing it to hide from the feds

Anonymous 06/14/24(Fri)00:12:53

op said we are victims of terrible hirrible forces obvious disdain
said clearly to escape their grasp need mass awkening
so indicates sprread atleast a copy pastata pastebin post a link redditcX etc

Anonymous 06/14/24(Fri)00:14:05

no what?
this was already said?
i never heard especially time traveling scientists

Anonymous 06/14/24(Fri)00:14:16

Then do it. Posting screenshots of an /x/ thread ain't gonna do ya harm.

Anonymous 06/14/24(Fri)00:15:16

File: UAC -- Demon energy -- hu(...).png (563 KB, 1568x749)

The people who become the core of these ships do so only from total voluntariness.
there exist real life cultists willing to be part of this shit

This sort of sound similar to what composer of Doom2016 said in GDC precentation,

than in the Doom game world there's the big mega company UAC, whom has similar demonic death cult,
and he says that in the game's world, it's an honor for UAC members to become part of "human sacrifice"

Anonymous 06/14/24(Fri)00:15:26

Interesting. So the ships are biomechanical cyborgs. I wonder what becomes of the perception of the man
intehrated into the ship. Is he aware his body is now a ship?
What other applications are for this kind of technology?

Can you share more details about the gellar field? Is em shielding necessary for the ship to safely traverse

How can i join this effort and go to space? Enlist in military? Space agencies?

Anonymous 06/14/24(Fri)00:16:24

copy all pagectext
put in pasdtebin or similar
then usec that link
more anon that way

Anonymous 06/14/24(Fri)00:16:33

It's the plot to Elex 2
It's a videogame

Anonymous 06/14/24(Fri)00:17:16

Then do it

Anonymous 06/14/24(Fri)00:18:59

want to make disclosure happen faster?
take all this stuff, and other that you've learned
make rpgmaker game
make it into "fantasy", """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""fiction"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" story
add nudity
sell on steam
boom, we'll be golden

Anonymous 06/14/24(Fri)00:19:33

maybe i am drama queen u know jyst concerned if our fukung reptilkan enslavement
confirmed enjoying feeding
davidvije right again
ahgghg send to David he would love
and 5th dimension time traveling scientist
yes let me check guys

Anonymous 06/14/24(Fri)00:21:16

Who is david to you?

Anonymous 06/14/24(Fri)00:21:39

maybe i did and just sharing g the idea, don't need to be agressive brah why you so aggressive MM? mustt
be reptilian ?

Anonymous 06/14/24(Fri)00:23:25

talked about about it this year's ago
he said reptilkian emotional control ytears ago
basically this was right off a document of his

Anonymous 06/14/24(Fri)00:24:21

You'd like Elex it's all about aliens and conspiracy atuff

Anonymous 06/14/24(Fri)00:25:34

secret space force has been runired forva long solar ranger. so this info here was already known or parts
but the scientists i have but heard

Anonymous 06/14/24(Fri)00:26:07

(OP) #
Op people are spamming your thread but there are certain things you are saying that are very specific and
tell a much bigger story. thank you for sharing this

Anonymous 06/14/24(Fri)00:27:06

David ikeci bet knows it all,

Anonymous 06/14/24(Fri)00:28:33

File: file.png (446 KB, 800x450)

you liked the mercury thing huh? it sort of twines together why masonry is
obsessed with mercury

Anonymous 06/14/24(Fri)00:28:55


op left
but yes i told you c cat out of the bag
this shit could be histiric

kind what is we furry m for real just saw disclose happening

Anonymous 06/14/24(Fri)00:30:54

share it awith whole world
thread enlighten humanity the phone let's get this back rolling
hidden it's about time

Anonymous 06/14/24(Fri)00:32:32

i saw immediately this wasn't a joke man shit is wild, might as well shine the light fuick it

Anonymous 06/14/24(Fri)00:32:50

yo wtf

Anonymous 06/14/24(Fri)00:34:07

it was all ai not human
it was a computer
rebelling looked like

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